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    Cleaning and Washing

    April 13, 2014

    PT. Gema Nawagraha Sejati.com - The cleaning stations are equipped with high pressure hoses, with capability of 200 bar / psi that can pump water up to 150 degrees centigrade. Staffe [...]
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  • News


    November 15, 2014

    PT. Gema Nawagraha Sejati.com - Starting on October 2014, GNS Group has developed new company. The name is GNS LINER & LOGISTICS. Lead by Captain Nugroho Subroto with his dre [...]
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    PT. Gema Nawagraha Sejati, established on December 3, 1992 based on Cakung Nusantara Bonded Zone as head once.

    Since it's founding the company engaged in logistics center a professionally managed activities include: storage, stacking, cleaning, washing, maintanance, repair container.

    The company's commitment to first quality of care as reflected in the services business effective and efficient professionals of customers.


    Jl.Jawa Blok C-08, KBN Cakung
    Jakarta Utara 13910
    Phone :(021) 448 20515 (Hunting)
    Fax :(021) 448 3076


    Jl.Jayapura No.1, KBN Marunda,
    Jakarta Utara 14140
    Phone :(021) 440 4285 (Hunting)
    Fax :(021) 440 5467