Reefer Facillities

Sunday, April 13, 2014 || 01:04:48 pm


PT. Gema Nawagraha - We also provide Pre-Cooling services and monitoring the reefer container. they are set exactly as requested and provided by data reader. To run the monitoring well, we facilitates wit 11 - eleven - plugs, divided of :

6 plugs in Marunda 1
4 plugs in Cakung

Accurate and well-maintain attention are given to each of the reefer containers.

Our customers


PT. Gema Nawagraha Sejati, established on December 3, 1992 based on Cakung Nusantara Bonded Zone as head once.

Since it's founding the company engaged in logistics center a professionally managed activities include: storage, stacking, cleaning, washing, maintanance, repair container.

The company's commitment to first quality of care as reflected in the services business effective and efficient professionals of customers.


Jl.Jawa Blok C-08, KBN Cakung
Jakarta Utara 13910
Phone :(021) 448 20515 (Hunting)
Fax :(021) 448 3076


Jl.Jayapura No.1, KBN Marunda,
Jakarta Utara 14140
Phone :(021) 440 4285 (Hunting)
Fax :(021) 440 5467